Salsa Hints & Tips

Arroba Salsa teach regular classes on a weekly basis, and are also available for private tuition.

As well as teaching you the steps and moves, here are a few words of wisdom to ensure you enjoy your dancing experience to its full potential

Tips For All


  • Guys and girls alike, good personal hygiene makes dancing much more pleasurable for yourself and others. Where possible, try make sure to shower and brush your teeth before each event, be it a class or a party. To some this may seem like common sense, but it’s an important point never the less.
  • Again, another important point… PLEASE wash your hands after a trip to the toilets.


  • If you think you’ve got it all worked out because you’ve watched a few episodes of Strictly Come Dancing… Think again! :-p Salsa is not all about sparkly shirts and the shortest skirts possible (sorry guys). When attending classes, there are no rules what you can and can’t wear, however try to wear something comfortable. It can get quite warm in the classes and parties, so try bear this in mind when choosing your outfits.


  • It is quite normal to see the guys wearing trainers, and you can even buy specialist dance trainers if you fancy pushing the boat out. For the girls (and guys if you wish), a good pair of dance shoes won’t necessarily break the bank, and can quite often make it easier to do certain turns and spins. When choosing your heel, try remember you have to be able to balance, so anything above 3 inches may well be bordering on insanity! If it’s your first pair, aim for something in the region of 2 and a half inches to get used to them first.

Dance Etiquette

  • Peeps, when on the dance floor it’s not about seeing who can hurl their partner the furthest away. Keep an eye on your dance space, and of those around you. If it’s a busy dance floor, try keep your moves and steps compact, and avoid wild dips and drops.
  • When you ask somebody new to dance, spend the first part of the song getting to grips with their style and ability. A girl would much rather have a full track of well conducted simple moves and combinations, than feeling like she’s been thrown around the dance floor and had her arms pulled out of their sockets.
  • On the off chance that you do ask a partner to dance, and they decline, remember that it’s not going to be because they don’t want to dance with you. They may just have danced a straight 4 or 5 songs in a row, and may be wanting to cool down for a few minutes. In all my time dancing I’ve not yet come across anybody who’s been rude enough to bluntly turn me down for a dance.So guys and girls, you’ve no excuse to be getting on that dance floor! :-p

Tips for the Guys

  • Ok guys, some pearls of wisdom from me to you. Some of the girls can be quite touchy about not being asked to dance enough. I know we’ve a lot on, trying to get around to as many as we can (wink wink), but if you see a girl sat at the side looking like she’s been sat there a while waiting for a dance, try make a beeline for her. You can be sure she’ll be very glad of a dance.
  • This is back to the subject of dance etiquette really, but is worth mentioning a second time. If you’re on a busy dance floor guys, as well as spoiling the dance for others around you, your partner will really not appreciate bouncing off the couples around you. It can take a bit of practise, but good spotting technique can really increase the enjoyment of a dance. Each time you’re about to send your partner in a different direction, check there’s space to send her. If not, there are plenty of ways of avoiding a collision, and she’ll be very grateful for it I’m sure.

Tips for the Girls

  • Girls, remember that there are usually far more followers (girls) at a class or event, so the guys won’t always get around to asking everybody to dance. If you spot somebody you fancy a dance with, feel free to go and ask him. It’s very unlikely that he’ll say no, and will most likely be flattered!
  • Some guys like to get very familiar when dancing, especially with closer dances such as bachata. The majority of guys at Salsa are harmless, and you can be flattered that they are enjoying their dance so much with you. If you do however feel he’s getting a bit TOO friendly, don’t be too shy to let him know. There’s obviously no need to be rude, so if you just pull away a little bit he’ll probably get the hint.